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CG Renders

CG is short for Computer Graphics where your images are manipulated by a computer software program such as 3DS Max for example. Computer graphics has developed over the years and has changed the way we see animation, video games and movies. Today the impact of CG is impeccable and we can see it all around us in our daily lives whether it is on television, books, our coffee mugs or even on our computer screens, the impact is there. Below are my very own computer graphic models and scenes that I’ve created with 3DS Max.

WIP Ship 3D Whale Toy Water Ball 3D Tweety 3D Toy

Teddy Bear Water Render Starwars 3D Stairway Scene WIP Squidword WIP

Spongebob 3D Simpsons House 3D Castle Indoor 3D Saleen S7 3D Room

3Ds Room WIP Robot WIP Rikku 3D Porsche Pokemon

3D Screw drivers WIP Outdoor Deck Mars Lego Starwars 3D Lamborghini 3D

3D Kitchen 3D House 3D House 2 3D House 3D House Open

WIP 3D House WIP House 3D House Outdoor Scene 3D House House With Pool

3D House Textured WIP Golbat WIP 3D Girl Gary 3D Fish

3D Car Final Fantasy 3D CPU Fan 3D 3D Flying Ship 3D Chess

3D Character Fearri 3D Outside Building 3D Outside Building 3D Building

3D Deck Boat Scene Bender 3D 3D Alien Head 3D Airplane