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Kitten Wallpapers

Kittens Wallpapers

These wallpapers are of 2 sister kittens. Their about 6 months in the wallpapers shown currently. They love playing tag, taking naps and exploring their home. More HQ wallpapers of them coming soon and even HD video clips.

All wallpapers are currently just 1600×1200 resolution.

Bullet Kitten Wallpaper
Kitten Wallpaper

Bullet Kitten HQ Wallpaper
Kitten HQ Wallpaper

Bullet Kitten Sleeping Wallpaper
Kitten Sleeping Wallpaper

Bullet HQ Kitten Wallpaper
HQ Kitten Wallpaper

Bullet Kitten Napping Wallpaper
Kitten Napping Wallpaper

Bullet Cute Kitten Wallpaper
Cute Kitten Wallpaper