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*Last updated 6/25/12

I have been creating 3D images and computed graphics for many years now and have learned a great deal by visiting different websites. Below is a list of different websites that I feel are very helpful and will help you achieve a greater understanding when it comes to CG rendering and image making. This great variety of links, from tutorials to blueprints and much more will help you get started and improve your skills in computer graphics. New links are being added regularly and expired ones deleted.

Cg Communities – Sites with a lot to offer.

3D Total
3d Buzz
Cg talk
Cg Architect
Cg Channel
The 3dstudio

Tutorials – Sites with some useful tutorials. – Tutorials for all types of programs.– “This page is created for 3D users of all software. You may find this page useful if you do 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, or animation. – “Model a Lotus Elise mk1, Modeling a necklace with 2 hearts” – Huge list of sites worth a visit. – Huge list of sites worth a visit. – Huge list of sites worth a visit. – Good tutorials for 3d Max, worth checking out. – Global Illumination. – Natural Lighting.

Vray Tutorials – Some tutorials for Vray.

Textures – Sites with free textures. – Architectural, Buildings, Man-made, Metal, Nature, Plants, Stone, Wood – Architectural, Buildings, Man-made, Metal, – Bricks, Stone, Sand, Dirt, Food, Doors, Windows, Concrete, Etc, Worth checking out. – Wood, Stone, Marble, Clouds, Nature, Water, Skin, Etc, Worth checking out. – 325×325 leather textures.

Reference Art/Blueprints – Sites I go to when I need inspiration or just to have reference pictures. – House blueprints. – House blueprints. – Worth checking out alot of architecture reference images. – Alot of reference images on different things. – Car blueprints. – A forum, user-submitted celebrity pictures, good for reference. – Reference images on different things. Worth checking out. – cars planes blueprints. – Car blueprints. – Blueprints for cars/tanks/boats/planes also some tutorials. – Information on alot of stuff worth checking out. – Animal pictures. – Alot of character model sheets, worth checking out. – Model sheets from cartoons like Flintstones Powerpuff Girls Etc – Alot of reference images of interesting characters. – Huge Collection of female rendered models. – Battletech forum, mechwarrior images. – Astronomy Gallery. – Character reference images. – Concept cars gallery. – Alot of house indoor outdoor images. Worth checking out. – Beautiful homes throughout the Caribbean and parts of Europe. – A house nice amount of images. – A house nice amount of images. – Final fantasy 7 art. – Furniture – High quality photos of different places. – Another concept car gallery.

PhotoShop Tutorials – Some sites to help you with Photoshop

Wallpapers – Maybe you need a site to get nice wallpapers. Caution some of these sites have alot of popups so you might want to
get a Popup-Blocker. – 3D, Planes, Animals, Anime, Cars, Computers, Celebrities, Games – To many categories to list, definitely work checking out. – Exotic car wallpapers. – Animals, Cartoons, Celebritys, Natures, Anime, Cars, Movies, Flowers, Games, Photography, Etc – Alot of nice wallpapers worth checking out. High Quality Wallpapers – No Pop-Ups – Wallpapers Updated Daily. – Animals, Flowers, Food, Graffiti, Landscapes, Plants, Random, Statues, Textures, Trees. – Directory of wallpapers links. – Agriculture, Animals, Art & Fantasy, Countries, Foods, Holidays, Nature made, People, Seasons, Time of day, Miscellaneous – Tropical Islands, Water Lily & Rose, Brilliant Flowers, Landscapes, Forests & Foliage, Animals
Holidays, Motorcycles, Movies, Music, Nature, Sports, World, Other