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Share Photos

Zorpia – Zorpia is like Myspace with some more photo features, you can upload you photos and share them on your profile.

Clickfriends – Document your life with your own digital photo essay, then share it with friends and family through Now you can have the same site take care of your online photo albums and your Facebook or MySpace photo albums. Just upload your photos to the ClickFriends site, and then have them exported to your profile on your preferred social networking site. It´s free and easy to sign up.

Snappages – provides space for you to save and organize your photos, your online friends from virtual communities, and your events in one well-designed web page. It combines various web concepts, including online storage, file sharing, and Facebook-style friend communication.

Photorgy – Photorgy is photo uploading/sharing tool which works with AIM. Photo albums can be shared and owned by any number of friends, family members, and colleagues.

SlideShare – SlideShare is a content sharing site where you can host and display presentations. Maybe you would use it to show your professional work, or just for personal photo sharing, power point presentations about your latest entrepreneurial idea, or graphics you designed.

Zoomandgo – Contribute your travel photos, videos, or general advice to the Zoom and Go site, and they will reward you with cash. The site has a system of points which can be awarded to the content you submit according to what kind of content it is (written reviews receive less then photos, and videos receive the most).

Zooomr – Store, share, sort, sell, and search all your photos and those of other users at Zooomr. Users can post comments on individual pictures, therefore, gaining feedback on the photo, as well as gaining insight into the other photographers who use the site. Photos can be shared for free, or can be sold through the site.

BurstCast – Burstcast offers space for you to upload pics from your camera phone either by MMS or by e-mail, right from the phone. On the site, you can choose for your photos to be made public and shown on the home page (but it´s either all or nothing; you can´t have some photos be public and some private).

Mostrips – The photo sharing site is designed to let you create albums to be easily shared on mobile phones. It´s a useful way to send work if you are a photographer, or a head shot if you are a model or actor. Or it can just be a fun way to share photos from your vacations among friends and family.

DPhoto – DPhoto is a photo sharing service which offers well-designed graphics and a professional appearance. With DPhoto you can share your photos with friends and family in an ad-free, secure site.

Invitr – Invitr is a Flickr related application which simply extends your sharing capabilities. With Invitr you can share your Flickr photos with non-Flickr members; so photos that have been categorized as private can now be sent and shared with anyone you choose.

DigitalRailroad – Digital Railroad is aimed at aiding professional photographers connect with more fans and even help them connect to content providers and media companies who are looking to buy their work.

ContakMe – Contakme is a new site where you can upload an unlimited number of photos, create albums, and rate other people´s photos.

Flickr – The most popular photo sharing site. Upload photos, create sets and join one of the greatest communities of professional and unprofessional photographers.

Picasa – Answer to photo sharing. The main application is a download, but there are also web albums.