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Photo Popout

Photoshop Tutorial – Photo Popout effect

In this tutorial I’m going to show you create an neat effect in Photoshop. Picture was taken with Panasonics DMC-FZ7.

Photoshop Popout final result

Step 1
Using the Rectangular Marquee Tool draw an outline of basically what will be kept inside the frame. Don’t worry about yours not matching up to mine 100%. With the frame still selected right click on it and choose layer via copy i named mine guide. Right click on background layer and copy it. You should have 3 layers now.
Step 1 A:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 1 B:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 2
Right click on the layer guide choose blending options. Apply a color overlay with opacity at 50%. Disable the background layer, by clicking on the Photoshop Popout Tutorial next to it.
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 3
With the background copy layer selected using the red square as an guide erase every thing but the Iguanas head since thats the only part we want sticking out of the
picture. For the most part use the Rectangular Marquee Tool for getting precise edges around the frame. When working close to the Iguanas head use the eraser with a Soft Mechanical Brush(allows smoother edges around the iguana). Zoom in really close, easier for you to get a better cut. Eraser size depends on you, i switched back and forth between sizes.
Step 3 A:

Step 3 B:

Step 4
You should have an image like mine so far. Move the guide layer so its below background copy. Apply a stroke to the guide layer with the color
white size 3px.

Step 4 A:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 4 B:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 5
Go to Layer on the top menu choose new – layer. The layer should be under guide/background copy. Fill the new layer with all white.

Step 5 A:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 5 B:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 6
With the guide layer selected apply a white stroke and drop shadow.
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 7
Finally apply a brightness/contrast layer with brightness set at +20 and contrast +25.
Thats about covers it.

Step 7 A:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Step 7 B:
Photoshop Popout Tutorial

Here is the image unedited if you want to follow along with the tutorial.
Green Iguana

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